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Centralised equipment management

Our equipment units are responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and repairs of all of Colas Rail’s machines and other equipment. Qualified teams of technicians based in our various workshops are responsible for handling the equipment maintenance and regulatory technical controls to ensure that our intervention teams have a guarantee of availability, performance and compliance.

Means of transport

Colas Rail boasts a large fleet of locomotives and wagons to handle Colas’s freight traffic and the transport of equipment to its own sites.

Rail track-laying and maintenance vehicles

Colas Rail teams have high-yield equipment to handle the various services and track operations. Equipment and vehicles, such as track-laying trains, laying gantries, undercutters, hi-rail excavators, tampers, ballast regulators, stabilisers, enable us to handle work on conventional and high-speed lines. Adjustment wagons equipped with aerial platforms and cranes are used for signalling work and overhead line installations. Colas Rail plant also includes crawler shovels, crane trucks, fork-lift trucks, mobile elevating platforms (X6) and specific equipment for work on metric tracks and in tunnels.

Rail transport

The freight agency’s fleet of locomotives and wagons has been considerably expanded since the freight business was launched in June 2006. Today it transports aggregates for the Colas Group, vehicles for the GEFCO company, and even cereals.

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