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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Sustainable Development approach

In accordance with Group values, Colas Rail's sustainable development policy is part of a long-term vision and a highly operational approach, which combines striving for performance with respect for mankind. It is also an integral part of Colas Rail's development strategy, which it contributes to enhance by looking for solutions that innovate on technical, societal and environmental fronts.

Our main strategic axes are:

  • Safety
  • Boosting the company's human capital
  • Energy and greenhouse gases


Safety at work and on the road is a top priority at Colas Rail on an everyday basis: a company concerned about the people who work for it must ensure its staff's physical well-being. Substantial efforts are made to protect the lives and health of the men and women working for the Group.

The initiatives taken are varied and include the Safety Challenge & Trophy, and Safety Day. All of our Safety/Environment meetings are intended for all of our personnel with regular visits every month to our work sites to assess the level of QSE compliance, etc. This prevention policy is also applied to trainees and sub-contractors.


Through their professionalism and commitment, the women and men who work for Colas form the foundation upon which the Group’s success depends. The future of Colas depends on its human capital. We have three priorities to enrich this capital, to:



Today, energy issues have become crucial. The idea is to pinpoint every possible way we can of reducing our energy consumption whether it be linked to:

Reducing fuel consumption affects profitability, as much as it does climate change, air quality and safety. Our corporate project, known as Ecurail®, similar to Cleanergie, has allowed us to involve many of our staff in a project to reduce consumption.

Energy-related innovation projects enable us to optimise fuel consumption.

For example, a High Environmental Quality and Low Consumption Building (HQE-BBC) approach has been implemented since the Grenay regional centre came into being. Over 150 members of our personnel enjoy working in an exemplary energy-controlled space.

Reducing CO2 emissions

As part of its strategy to reduce CO2 emissions, the Group has acquired substantial expertise in assessing its carbon footprint. Colas Rail has developed EcoRail®, a calculation tool that is adapted to the railway sector and related activities, which enables us to develop green alternatives. The tool is available free of charge on the Internet.


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