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Colas Rail, an historical presence

Colas Rail was born from the merger between Seco Rail and Spie Rail in January 2008. The merger brought together two of the world's major players in the railway sector and pooled their respective skills within one entity. Spie Rail's and Seco Rail's activities were complementary. Together they offer a world-scale, high-end railway expertise through one and the same company: Colas Rail.

Building railway infrastructure projects worldwide

Colas Rail's experience in the railway sector means it can offer turnkey solutions and meet all the requirements of new high-speed lines (LGV), network maintenance and urban transport (trams, metros).


Colas Rail is the result of the merger of two Colas group companies: Seco Rail and Spie Rail.

Seco Rail was an expert in railway track maintenance and renewal, construction of new lines and urban transport. Colas acquired Seco Rail from Desquennes & Giral in October 2000. In 2007, Colas acquired Spie Rail from the Spie group. Spie Rail has excellent references both in France and on international markets. This reflects its recognised competence in:

  • Management of turnkey railway projects
  • Overhead lines
  • Electro-mechanical activities
  • Electric power supply
  • Signalling
  • Manufacturing sleepers
  • Rail freight
  • COSS: controller of site safety (warning activity)
  • Rolling stock maintenance

Colas Rail today is one of the major players in the railway sector.

Corporate support

The fact that our new entity belongs to the Colas group, the world’s leading company in road construction and maintenance, gives it a solid foundation based on very high level expertise and technologies. Operating on every continent in some forty countries, via a network of 1,400 sites, Colas employs more than 62,000 people, nearly half of them outside metropolitan France. Although 80% of its activity is devoted to roads, the group has been able to diversify, complementing its range of expertise in road safety, civil engineering, pipes, sealing, construction, railways and site pollution control.

Since 1986, Colas has joined the Bouygues group, thus propelling the industrial giant to the top position in the world construction market. In addition to this original area of activity – construction – Bouygues has rapidly extended its activities to real estate, telecommunications and television. It is now an essential and impossible-to-ignore player in the world economy.

Colas Rail in figures

  • 5,300


  • 12

    trades and professions

  • 20

    international operations

  • 975

    million euros
    in turnover in 2016




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